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Best Email Privacy Checker in Canada

Many emails provides create a false sense of security, literally. Despite the claim of secure email, providers have been found guilty doing the opposite of what they said without us knowing it. Although several countries provide anti-spam legislation – such as Canada provides Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) – it is still up to is to find out whether our email is breached or not. Don’t worry, because the best email privacy checker in Canada is within our grasp.

Email Privacy Breach

There are several types of an email privacy breaches. The first one is a web scrapping. Also known as web data extraction, web scrapping is the concept of gaining information from a website, be it emails or other information. Web scrapping is easy to do, as there are plenty of online websites that offer free web data extraction services. The best way to prevent your email from being extracted by using the “Contact Us” form that’s usually available at the bottom of websites.

Another reason why we should use an email privacy checker is data breach from the provider itself. Recently, a small web browser company accused Google of selling its customers’ data to advertisement companies. Although the giant tech denied the accusation, it’s not the first time Google was accused of such thing. It is scary, knowing that Google is the number one email provider in the world. Those who haven’t created their emails can opt for safer providers, but what about those who have created their emails with Gmail?

Email Privacy Tester for All

Here are the three email privacy checkers you can use:

1. Email Privacy Tester

Developed by a frustrated email system developer, Email Privacy Tester is the main champion of all email privacy checkers. All you need to do is submit your email. EPT will send a link that will tell you which part of your email is breached. The breached part is shaded in red, while the safe part is in gray.

2. ';--have i been pwned?

True to its name, Have I Been Pawned will literally tell you whether your email is “pawned” or not. Unlike EPT’s two-step process, the HIBP will tell you right away whether your email is breached (exposed to a weak system) or pasted (shown publicly in a content-sharing website like Pastebin). You can also do “deep link” easily if you look at the email privacy checker’s FAQ section.

3. Lifelock

Lifelock is a free service by Norton to check whether your email has been breached or not. Unlike EPT and HIBP, Lifelock gives a detailed information of when the email is breached. Norton also offers an email protection service that includes $25,000 stolen fund reimbursement starting from $14.99/month.


What to Do after Using Email Privacy Checker?

All of us must have felt like reporting the violator to the legislation, but most data breach perpetrators remain unknown. We can always report the perpetrator’s email, but there are some extra steps we can do to prevent another data breach. Some of those extra steps are two-factor authentication and password manager. Using a VPN to remain anonymous is also an option. It is also best not to use public Wi-Fi or computers, as they can be hacked easily. The extra steps might be bothersome, but it is better to be safe than never, right? has several other SEO tools that can be helpful for any SEO professional to check the SEO status of their website for free by using tools available at