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Best Article rewriter tool in Canada:

In this current era of modernization, internet has grown enormously. World has surely become a global village. All kind of information is available by moving just your fingertips. People are interested to make money from internet in different forms. Everyone tries to maximize the content on their websites. Article rewriting tools are in high usage these days. These tools can transform an already written article into a total new article by keeping the initial meaning and concept same while changing the narration to smartly skip the copying criteria.

The basic technique is that the website uses a huge selection of synonyms which get synchronized with the initially shared data and gives the choice for selecting the synonyms. In this way the users can magically transform the written material into a newly written piece.


The article rewriting tools work on two basic techniques.

1. It may use its powerful inbuilt spinning system which spins the material and create and new article.

2. The second technique is by sharing the synonyms. The website uses its huge internal collection of synonyms and allows the user to choose the best suitable wordings for the new written material.


The basic steps to be followed are mentioned as under:

  • Open the article rewriting website.
  • Copy the article which has to be rewritten.
  • Paste the material on the specified blank space on the website.
  • Now click the “next” button and select the synonyms or allow the tool to spin the material.
  • Finalize and the rewritten article is obtained.


The article rewriting tools have many uses:

  • It is used to save the time and energy to rewrite an article. If you have an article already written and you need to use it again, there is no need to use your energy again. You can simply rewrite the article and use it somewhere else without getting the copied content.
  • It is used to increase the web content of websites. The writers use the pre written material on internet and create some new articles and share it on their websites.
  • This article rewriting tool service is totally free of cost. It means you can create new material without even spending a single penny. Just a few clicks and you are ready to go with your material.
  • This article rewriting service copy escapes which means it does not comes under plagiarism. As the plagiarism checking tools do not identify them because the wording is changed.
  • The best rewriting tools in Canada are pretty quick. Just 5 minutes and the articles are renewed to be used.
  • These services are pretty easy to use. You do not need to be any master or professional to use the tools. Any common person with average knowledge about internet usage can use and get the material renewed in minutes.


Concluding, article rewriting tools are a great development in the world of internet. People can easily use the tools and transform their pre written material into a new article with new wording but same basic concept. And all this is done free of cost and without any tiring effort. We should be truly thankful to technology as it has miraculously made our lives easier.

BEST Article Rewriter tool in Canada

It has been believed since the dawn of modern technology that a robot or a machine couldn’t possibly be as creatively endowed as the cognitive abilities of a human mind. This stands for the most part true in today’s world but machines have developed abilities that were previously not expected of them and one of those abilities is the ability to rewrite or paraphrase human written work. Machines are now perfectly capable of taking a written work as input and provide you with an output that conveys that original idea in a plagiarism free manner. The tools which provide this service are known as Article Rewriter tools. There are many such tools available on the web today but we are going to look at one in particular.

The Best Spinner 4.0

When it comes to article rewriting services few can do as great a job as the AI driven article rewriting tool “The Best Spinner 4.0”. This tool not only rewrites your article but presents it with words and sentence structures that are comprehensive for any human being who speaks the language.

Speaking of languages this tool comes with a support for various languages (14 in total) unlike some of the other tools out there which only support English.

It generates content that is undetectable for plagiarism by some of the best detectors out there and yet manages to keep it in a human readable condition.


As a Heath Ledger’s joker said in The Dark Knight rises, “if you are good at something never do it for free”, hence this service is not free however the pricing of this tool is very reasonable. You pay for most of the basic services the tool offers however for audio conversions and translations you get a specific amount of credit to spend. The payment for the service comes in 3 different plans

Basic plan

For this plan you pay 67 USD per year and you get all the basic services of the tool along with 30 credits, but I would suggest using free article rewriter tool available here which provides you the same quality as this plan provides .

I have seen several websites that claim to be providing good content rewriter tool , I have tested many of them and found that they don’t worth using as all they do is , Spin the content . As per current search engines policy contents that have very low readability are going to get punished .

I suggest you use that has very good tools for seo analysis and content rewriting . Their content rewriter tool can provide you very reliable content that is readable and plagiarism free .

In conclusion, if you are looking to save some time in rewriting/paraphrasing a piece of text for yourself and you are looking for the best solution this article rewriting tool is the way to go. Give it a try to and enjoy several free seo tools .