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The Go-For Free SEO Tools To Enhance Your Online Marketing in 2020

While every business has access to hundreds of free SEO tools online, not all these options will provide the desired value. This is why it is critical for digital marketers to always settle for the best-in-class SEO tools, even when they go for free versions. To save you from a lot of trouble, we have narrowed down on the top-rated options that are a must-have for 2020. These are;

  1. Google Analytics

When it comes to matters on SEO, Google Analytics is an essential tool that no digital marketer can ever overlook. Despite being a free tool provided by the world’s leading search engine, it is a data source that is unlike any other. Google Analytics offers top quality and detailed information on aspects such as; traffic sources, page views, page speed, time on site, and bounce rates. As such, it is near impossible to run an SEO campaign without using it. The best part is that you can make it more powerful by integrating it with Google Search console.

  1. Answer the Public

Any digital marketer who has not tried out Answer the Public is missing out on gaining insights on the kind of content the public is after. Instead of taking the path that most popular SEO tools use, this research tool takes a deeper dive as it strives to bring to light the content the target market needs. The best feature about Answer the Public is it provides ‘versus keywords’ showing the options that customers consider during their searches.

  1. Mozbar

If you are looking to do in-depth SEO research using free SEO tools online, then Mozbar is the ultimate solution. This is an SEO toolbar that only works on the Chrome browser and allows you to access advanced metrics on any webpage. It will provide you with data on the page elements, page attributes, and link data, besides allowing you to find keywords on the page.

  1. SEMrush

One of the most excellent keyword research SEO tools is SEMrush, and while it has a premium plan, its free version is equally powerful. The feature-packed tool makes it easy to find out the keywords ranking on a specific web page, and those that competitors are ranking for. This makes it easier to tailor an SEO campaign by coming up with great content built upon these keywords and popular phrases.

  1. Woorank’s SEO and website analysis tool

There are few free SEO tools online that will show you how to improve both your on-page and off-page SEO, and one of them is Woorank. This is not your average freely available website analyzer that gives you general information, but a handy tool that will tell you the problems and solutions to implement. Woorank’s marketing checklist is its best feature as it lists the issues detected with a priority alert on those that need quick fixing.

6. Websitechecker.ca

If you are looking for free SEO tools , this is a site to go with . This site has more than 50 SEO tools that can provide plenty of SEO analysis on any website . Websitechecker.ca is a free SEO tool that provides free SEO service to its customer . You dont have to register to access any SEO tools . Give it a try , You will like the SEO tools available at this website - www.websitechercker.ca


It must never be expensive to run your SEO campaigns in 2020 as internet marketing continues to dominate as the ultimate channel for reaching out to potential clients. Fortunately, by carefully choosing the right free SEO tools online, it becomes easier to gain maximum value from the process without any financial restrictions.

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