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A domain age checker is an important tool to use particularly when setting up and looking for a new website to use. It can show the history of the domain and check whether there have been any penalties associated with the domain name. It can also show the difference between an old and new domain and therefore its potential listing within the google search rankings. There are many different domain age checker tools on the internet and it is important to use one that is reputable and showing the results that you are looking for. Whether based in Canada or elsewhere, the domain age checker tool should show the best results for that area and its important to be able to rely on that.

Why Use a Domain Age Checker Tool

Businesses as well as individuals use a domain age checker tool for a variety of reasons when doing website work. It can include things such as individualising your website such that it appears higher in the google search ranking statistics based on keywords. It can also be used to check the history of a domain and therefore the business itself and can give an indication of how successful the business and domain name are. This is important if the ultimate goal is to own that domain name but is also critically important if the domain age checker tool is being used to analyse the competition.

Domain Age Checker Tools

The best tools to use for a domain age checker are easily found by searching google. Site such as is very common sites that are optimised for use in Canada due to their domain name and hosting geographically. Both domain age checker sites give very detailed statistics on the domain name along with the history, any errors and general information notices. These reports that they deliver can be used to further enhance a domain name or website for higher rankings in the search engines including google.

It is important to evaluate and use domain age checker tools and sites when conducting work on a website whether it is for a business or your own individual site in Canada. These domain tools are invaluable in providing information that can be used to give the domain name more leverage in its rankings and therefore higher performance overall. Using a domain age checker tool that is optimised geographically for Canada will ensure a higher performance result and more local relevant statistical information.


Best Domain age checker too online Canada

Domain age is a very crucial factor, due to the fact aged ones work better for seek engine ranking, It refers to the amount of time which a website hasexisted, however we have to recognize that domain age isn't everything, If you acquire an old domain with a bad reputation then it's a lost case, otherwise If you've gotwere given a chance to buy an old domain that already has excessive reputation while also being highly ranked on SE, you then are a absolutely lucky person, Any organization wants to very own a website have to check it's registered age and the popularity it's got, there are many gear to help however many users prefer to use websitechecker seo tools to get details on a website's domain age.

Have you ever wondered if the website, that you’re making online payments to, is even authenticated or not? Have you ever had an urge to find out the details of the owner of some not -so-famous online portals and domains? Is the random advertisement that you see on instagram about that cool new gadget that would look cool on you is sold by a real business owner who runs that website?

If the answers to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then you’re just about to learn something very important but which isn’t talked about very often.

We’re talking about the information of the websites you visit on a daily basis or maybe after you see an advertisement somewhere and decide to have a look at what they have to offer.

Now, the thing is, according to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey, there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites on the internet and they are exponentially increasing in number every year. The question is, how do we make sure which of these humongous number of websites are backed by some real person or organisation? We learn every other day that bluffing online is getting easier and easier and many are falling victims of the avoidable scams that incur every day.

The very first thing that can be done to be more cautious about the websites you visit online is to check for their public information that’s available. Every domain that is registered on the internet is linked with some information and identity before it can go public. This information, if not protected, can be accessed through various websites, generally called, whois checkers or whois websites. Following are the top 3 choices (unordered) if you are interested in finding out their public information:

  1. ( offer whois option to look up for any publicly available domain name information for a particular domain. It offers other services as well, such as web hosting.

  1. Internic.CA

Find out all public information about any domain with our WHOIS Search available on their website


As the name suggests, it is the widely used website for searching domain related information

There are a bunch of other websites that offer the same whois service, the only difference being the organisation and the amount of information shared varies in each of them

Along with the option to verify the domain’s information, one might be interested to know how long a certain domain has been registered. The older the domain’s age, lesser the chances of it being a scam or fraud. Most of the scammers prefer to switch domains after a short period of time as they tend to dodge the surveillance by the authorities as well as making sure they aren’t traced back after the users tries to gets after them. Here are the top 3 tools to check for a website’s domain age:

  1. ( allows you to check the domain age of multiple websites all at once. It is as simple as putting the domain names in new lines and submitting them.

  1. allows you to enter a domain name and then it retrieves the age of the domain entered from it’s servers

  1. is another option that you can opt for if you need to for how long this domain has been publicly active.


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