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Reverse IP domain Checker Tool

Reverse IP domain checker tool helps to find out the domain names hosted on the same IP address. The website's domain shares the same server. Hosting a website is expensive, to make it affordable most people share hosting that costs up to $2 per month fee. To know about the domain names sharing the same IP address just type the IP address or domain name and all the information related to that IP address will appear.

The domain checker tool stores the database of millions of active domains associated with their respective IP addresses, it then matches the domain names with IP addresses.

The reverse checker tool will do reverse IP lookup, type an IP address in the toolbox and the DNS(Domain Name System) PTR record for that particular IP address will be located. The reverse DNS refers to that which domain name is associated with the given IP address.

Guide to this tool:

  1. Type the domain name or IP address
  2. Click the check button

It will display all the domain names sharing the same IP address. It is a web-based tool and can be used on any android, windows, Linux, macOS, iPhone, etc.


The reverse domain checker tool identifies the hosts connected with an attacking system, and alert them to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Many websites use the same IP address which affects the website ranking, may decrease website traffic, or clash the website. If the website face any issue do check reverse IP to find out the issue with the host server.

Drawbacks of shared hosting:

The shared hosting creates issues related to the IP address, it is dangerous for the website ranking, to avoid this contact the web host and get the unique IP address for the website. It is somewhat expensive costing up to $25 to $150 per month depending upon the features provided by the web host.

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