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Best Server Status Checker in Canada

Checking whether a website’s server is up and running or not is equally important to the users as well as the webmasters. If you as a webmaster have your website down even for a couple of hours or days, that will terribly affect your website’s reputation among its user base. Therefore, having access to the best server status checker becomes a necessity.

When we talk about the best server status checker in Canada, is perhaps the best of all.
Why Is the Best Server Status Checker in Canada?
Here are some of the features that make the best server status checker in Canada.
• It Allows Server Status Check From 200+ Global Locations
This feature enables you to check whether the issue that you are facing is on a local or global scale. This is important because sometimes the issue might be that related to the particular countries in question and their ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
• Website Server Monitoring Feature
This feature is especially tailored for the webmasters. Using it, your website shall be monitored by a large network of location from all around the world (216 to be exact) and in case any issue does arise, you will be notified.
• Free Uptime Website Check up
For the regular users of the internet, this feature enables them to get a free check on any website to get information about whether it is down or not. The platform offers a free check-up

Additional Features for Webmasters:
Uptrends also grants webmasters the following features if they opt for their paid plans.
• 24*7 Monitoring of your website
• Share screenshots of the errors that did occur
• Notifications via a large variety of communication channels like SMS, push notifications, Slack.
• Sharing of daily reports on your E-mail.

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