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A lot of companies and e-commerce platforms aim to create websites with attractive, original and professional domain names that are easy to remember since it is considered as an essential element in their marketing and business plans.

In order to reach this goal, it is common to use a technique called “URL rewriting” or what is also known as “URL manipulation”. It is the process of modifying Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for various purposes. Changing the URL can help with user access, site visibility, engine research and even sometimes to keep old versions of a website as backups for the actual one.

In fact, URL rewriting is used sometimes to reduce the overflow on the server and give a quicker efficient routing via some mirror websites that contain the same data with replacement domain name to disguise the original URL domain name and refer to them immediately. The URL rewriting system is also a way to replace the requested URL by another one pointing some important information or emergency notification. Furthermore, it is widely used in order to defeat advertisements filters that block users’ access. Most importantly, URL rewriting enables clients to easily find information about their research without necessarily being familiar with protocol encoding and other networking basics.


Let’s take an example of how a URL can be rewritten. But firstly it is crucial to unpack the standardized URL format, it actually contains three pieces:

  1. The naming scheme of the mechanism, or protocol, used to access the resource, for instance: http or https(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure);
  2. A domain name which is three strings separated by dots (;
  3. The path to the exact page or item written after the slash following the domain name.

Now that we are familiar with how a URL looks like, we can dive into the URL rewriting process. It it done by modifying files of web creation like the URL rewriting module, “mod_rewrite” of the famous Web server Apache. Few code lines change the ID that comes right after the domain name and make it understandable and easily reachable by clients.

For instance, if we look at a Wikipedia page about Chicago, the visible URL is: which is actually rewritten to the original URL: by editing few code lines in the “.htaccess” file. In our case:


RewriteEngine On

#Look for the word "wiki" followed by a slash, and then the article title

RewriteRule ^wiki/(.+)$ w/index.php?title=$1 [L]


Sometimes, not only the third part of a URL is changed, but the whole domain in the URL is replaced with the domain of a mirror site. In other words, as the URLs pass through the network from an origin server to the Web browser, the Web browser client can be routed to close mirror sites on the fly. The invention accomplishes this by changing the original URL to a more specific URL (i.e., “’ becomes “’ or alternatively ''). That way, the DNS request/reply is reduced, and therefore it enables speeding the overall page download.

To sum up, this article clarified the main usage and the most common tools adopted in the “URL rewriting” system and also the purposes behind this technique. Many companies around the world that base their relationship with clients mainly on internet use URL rewriting lately. It is now a compulsory trick to sidestep several technical and security issues in the web especially with the large flow that internet is dealing with nowadays.


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Making a site and preparing it for site improvement requires some investment and exertion. Indeed, even the extremely little subtleties, for example, the sort of URLs is significant for a site since it can greatly affect your site traffic just as page rankings.

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We have built up this URL changing apparatus with the goal that you can use to check and modify your site's URLs. Remember that static URL is in every case superior to a unique URL since static URLs can rank better in web search tools like Google. While, dynamic connections are recorded at a slower rate via web indexes than static connections.

This URL revamping device is extremely simple to utilize and can give you snappy outcomes. There is no compelling reason to download the product on your PC since this is an online apparatus that you can utilize whenever you like; along these lines you find a good pace space. Likewise, you don't have to pay any add up to utilize this URL modify generator since this apparatus is totally gratis.

There are three valid justifications why you have to revamp URLs. In the first place, it assists with website streamlining, in light of the fact that web indexes incline toward URLs that do exclude long inquiry strings. Second, on the off chance that you have agreeable static URLs, you have a higher possibility that your pages will have better positioning in web crawlers and would help pull in more rush hour gridlock as they look more easy to understand to many web guests. Also, third, it makes your site pages load quicker when contrasted with having dynamic URLs. Thus, it has a progressively sensible interface.