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Owl Doodling


When you sit down to draw one of the easiest ways to get your creativity flowing is to doodle. From a very young age every person starts to doodle and they lose their confidence along the way. It isn’t that drawing is some prized skill that only a few possess. It’s that many people do not practice their drawing so they don’t think that they have any ability. Not to worry, with a few simple tricks and tips you will be drawing in no time. The more that you draw, the better you will become, and eventually you will be surprising yourself with your skill.


Pick Out Your Photo


In the effort of drawing anything well you have to have a good idea of what you are doing. You may be familiar with an owl, but are you well versed in the details and characteristics of this bird? The best thing to do, before starting any project, is to pull lots of pictures for inspiration. There are plenty of sites to look at online, books from your local library, or you might have some pictures in your house. Once you look around you will find an owl that you are interested in drawing, and you will use this as inspiration for your entire piece.


Drawing the Body of Your Owl


When you look at all of these pictures of an owl you will find that the body shape is composed of two circles. Anytime you are drawing something you want to stick to familiar shapes that you can alter. So, to start you will draw a smaller circle on top of a larger circle. When this is completed you will divide the own in half by drawing a line down the middle. An owl is identical from its left to right side, and this line will remind you to keep all of the characteristics and details the same. The line also assists you in drawing the tail of the all, which will descend from the base of the largest circle.


Adding Your Details


The first thing that you should do is focus on the face of your owl and start drawing the eye. You can draw a big circle, with a few smaller circles, to denote the iris and the pupil. Once you draw the eyes you can draw eyelashes and eyebrows coming off of the owl’s face. Make a small line for the beak, all along paying attention to the line that is running down the center of your owl. Once you are done with the beak you can add a few feathers for details around the neck, and move down to the foot of your owl. Make sure you draw the foot at the very base of the body, and it is really only a few arcs for the toes. Now that you have finished with the right side of the owl you can start working on the left side. These sides will look almost identical, but your main goal is just to make them similar. Work in the same way that you did initially on the right side and start with the eye. Once you have completed the eye you can add in extra details and continue to move down the owl’s body.


It’s Time for Feathers


Now that you have the basic outline of all of the features of your owl you can get a little more specific. Again, I would start at the top and really add a lot of detail to the eyes. Go ahead and start filling in the pupils, and adding more definition in the lines. In fact, you can add a lot of definition into the eyebrows and eyelashes of the owl because they are every dramatic. One of the main things that you notice about an owl is how their eyes look. These eyes are just peering into your soul looking for answers. Once you are happy with your eyes, you can add more feathers under the beak, and add feathers around the back of the head. Remember, the more detail that you give your owl the happier that you will be with it when you are finished. When you move down to your wings you want to make sure that you have some of the feathers facing up toward the beak and others facing down. An owl tucks their wings to their dies until they extend them for flight. This is also a great time for you to draw a branch underneath your owl and to remove any lines that you no longer need.


Delicate Designs


Your owl is roughly finished, but you can add amazing detail on the inside of your owl’s features. Start at the eyes and create beautiful designs that you do not have to mirror from left to right. At this point it is very similar to creating a coloring page. You know how everyone is coloring for relaxation techniques? Well, when you finish all of the additional details of your owl you will think the same thing. The main process with the extra detailing is just to have fun with everything. Once you are finished with the head move down to the body. You can draw flowers or other symbols all throughout the body of your owl. This owl is going to be beautifully unique with all of the creativity that you put in your design. Once you finish all of your additional designs, your owl will look like it is customized to a brand new species.


Once you finish decorating your owl you can add color if you want, or you can leave the owl with these intricate designs in black and white. Whatever you choose to do have fun with it because that will ensure that you love your end result. You can do the same thing to any other animal, just pick a photo and then design it out the same way that you drew your owl. The more that you practice transforming these animals the better that you will get.