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About Plagiarism Checker

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool in Canada

Plagiarism affects everyone. From students to businessmen to writers – both the users as well the creators of content are negatively impacted with plagiarism. With the massive expansion of internet and its extensive use by business and governments alike, the need for original and fresh content has been on the rise since a decade. The stringent norms of Google to check and eliminate duplicate content and the all-round desire for fresh and informative content have been driving the need for reliable plagiarism checker software.

Apart from other elements like a pleasing UX/UI, design and presentation, content is vital for websites as well as all forms of gateways to clients and customers. Written content, despite its limitations as compared to video presentations, occupies prime place in drawing and converting traffic to clients. Having said that the business owners attach great weight to fresh content to reach out to the prospective clients and would go great lengths to ensure it is not a replica or a rehash of internet content.
It is always easy for writers to copy or imitate ideas from already published sources and pass it off to unsuspecting entrepreneurs. To put an end to this menace the business community and software engineers have been devising plagiarism checker software and as a result there are thousands of such software being extensively used all over the world.

  1. free to paid/subscription based software, plagiarism checkers offer varying support services to the industry, student community and government agencies. All that the users need to do is to upload the content on the plagiarism checker software available freely on the internet to ascertain if the content is original or how much of it is copied.
    Most plagiarism checkers provide the source of copied content along with relevant url. These tools scourge through billions of web pages in a flash and come up with accurate results regarding the originality of the content checked for. Several of these tools provide for a rewriting feature. If the content has plagiarized work it will be highlighted with an option to rewrite it afresh. The built-in feature of the tool will automatically re-paraphrase the copied portion and present original content.
    Prominent plagiarism checkers have different options of subscriptions ranging from free to premium. Depending on the type of subscription chosen, the facilities vary. For example with a free use option, users can know if the content they submitted is original or plagiarized.
  4. A paid subscriber will be able to get the information about the source of the copied content and also allows for

-uploading different forms of documents
- checking just by entering the url
-sharing the plagiarism report with multiple people
-checking in multiple languages

It is also possible to integrate plagiarism checker API into your website. If published works contain plagiarism, whether intended or unintentional, the publisher and the people responsible for it publication are liable to be penalized for legal action, monetary compensation as well as for the crime of attempting to defame reputation. has several other seo tools that can be helpful .