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SEO Tools You Should Be Using to Analyze Your Websites


As you may already know, the key to success in the world of online business is all about driving continuous traffic to your website. Therefore, you should work hard on whatever is that people are coming to your website to see. Hence, SEO ranking must be number one on your checklist when diving into the world of websites. Thus, provided is a list of tools that you must use at least one of them in order to enhance your SEO ranking and to improve the user experience for the better.


  1. Keyword Planner:

First of all, as the name indicates, it is the best tool to search for keywords. To avoid confusion, it used to go by the name of the Keyword Tool. Moreover, using this tool, you can search ad group ideas as well as new keyword, you can get traffic estimated related to certain keywords and you can multiply keyword lists to obtain new keyword ideas.


  1. MozBar:

Basically, it is a button that locates itself on your browser toolbar. Chiefly, its mission is to generate and report instantly on the site you are visiting in one click. However, those who subscribe get the actual benefit from this button, but if you're just beginning then do not worry you still can enjoy the free service they provided as well with their robust version of their tool.


  1. Google Analytics:

Obviously, no online marketer can live without this tool; it is just like water. In addition, it is the best source that provides high-quality information and data. Plus, this critical source is mainly the origin of every essential data of traffic, users, websites, and etc.


  1. SEOWorker Analysis Tool:

Next, this is a tool that lets you plug into any site's URL even if you do not own this site and then it gives you a report of the background data -nothing new-; however, it saves a lot of time that would have been spent on analyzing.


  1. Woorank:

Basically, it provides insights regarding some ambiguous stuff. In addition, it can also generate reports in matters of seconds. Moreover, and more interestingly, its mobile feature is a very special trait that provides improved levels of analysis of data and perspective.


  1. BuzzStream:

Chiefly, if you are looking for the cheapest way to control your outreach to providers of backlinks, then BuzzStream is the answer. Moreover, it facilitates the process of looking for the right people, then coming up with efficient email messages, and finally, following up with whoever accepted the link requests.


  1. UpCity's SEO Report Card:

Basically, it is a free tool that grants you the analysis of websites and compares it to your competitors and how it stacks up against them. In addition, this tool will provide you with a report covering the following aspects including snapshots on your rank analysis which is based on the basic keywords you chose, as well as a report in detail regarding the numbers of websites that link back to your site. Plus, it supports you with an on-site analysis as well as another section that mainly concentrates on your site's accessibility and loading time. Finally, the report gives you an indication of the number of pages that have been indexed.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools:

Finally, this tool is as important as Google Analytics if not more. Basically, the main 2 purposes of this tool are search and optimization. Moreover, using this tool, you can check any possible upcoming issues, it can also give you an understanding of how search traffic actually works and how users can find your site. Finally, it makes improvements in order to make Google present your site in a better way.