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SEO or Search Engine Optimizer is the lifeline of digital marketing. A smart SEO strategy can fetch a lot of traffic toward your website's way. It also helps to improve the ranking as well as the trustworthiness of your site. Above all, SEO practices can make you rich and famous over a while. In short, SEO is the way to gain organic traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, make your site an SEO friendly one. You might be thinking about how to select the best from the pool of SEO tools, right?

Today, there're a plethora of free SEO tools available online, but not all of them can help you to achieve your goals. Here are a few best free SEO tools.


Broken link finder – One of the strategies of SEO is to keep backlinks active and updated. Sometimes, due to human error or if article is not linked properly with its hyperlink, its link gets broken and it impacts on SEO. It is necessary to find broken links of a website and fix them, so the website continues receiving do follow backlink and traffic. has a free tool to identify BrokerLink’s of any website. Just use the broken link finder tool, enter then name of url and let the software do its work, with in few seconds this broken link finder tool will display all the broken links of the website and suggest you how to fix them. Take advantages of free Broken link finder tool and improve SEO of your site.

There are multiple SEO tools available on that can be accessed free of cost. Use and improve your website’s SEO today!

If you are looking for other SEO tools. Here is some explanation on that :

Google SEO Tools (Keyword Planner, Analytics, Trends, etc.)

No doubt, Google is the Master of Search Enginies . At present, most of the SEO tools available online fetch data from Google. A few popular free Google SEO tools are:

· Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you to track the performance of your content and products. It gives an insight into the traffic of your website. Click here to know who the visitors of your site are and to which geography do they belong.

· Google Keyword Planner

Right keywords improve the visibility of your site and also help to reach more people. Google Ads Keyword Planner is a powerful free tool to search the keywords. It helps to explore the most relevant keywords for your content and also gives an insight into how often each word is searched. With the help of Google Ads Keyword Planner, you can even make an advertising budget and an advertising plan as well. Explore the world of Keywords.

· Google Trend

There is no better tool to understand trends than Google Trends. Google Trends gives the list of top-most searched topics in various niches. Check what the latest Trends are.

· Google Search Console

More than a performance analysis and traffic tracking tool, Google Search Console is used as a technical tool to unveil and fix the problems associated with the web pages. Search Console alerts you whenever Google finds an issue on your site. Apart from this, the URL Inspection feature of Search Console helps to identify the issues with your page's indexing. To make your website shine like a diamond in the search results, visit here.

· PageSpeed Insights (PSI)

We all live in an era where speed matters a lot. Your webpage is not isolated from this trend. The speed of the page impacts the quality score of the page, user experience, conversion, etc. PSI gives performance insight of pages on various devices like mobile, and desktop. PSI even offers suggestions to improve the quality of the pages. Lab data of PSI makes the debugging of page performance smooth, while field data helps to improve the user experience. So, don't waste time. Check the performance score of your page.

· Structured Data Markup Helper

To make Google understand the data on your page, you need to highlight the elements of your page. To include your site in the list of rich snippets, you need structured data. The structured data varies from type to type, i.e., different types of sites have different structured data. In short, the structured data acts as the bridge between the information on your page and the search engine.

Now you may be wondering how to do this complicated technical task. To make it easy, use Google Structured Data Markup Helper.


Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that has the features of most of the SEO tools. The key features of Ubersuggest are keyword ideas, keyword overview, content ideas, traffic analyzer overview, organic keywords, organic monthly traffic, domain score, backlinks, traffic trend, SEO keyword ranking, site audit, etc. Sounds interesting? All of these features are available under one umbrella. Would you like to check how it works? Click here to know more about it.


The list of free SEO tools is never-ending. But the ones mentioned above stand the tallest in the crowd. Google is the most potent of the free SEO tools of these days but if you are looking for any specific SEO tools at a time, Try . No matter which SEO tool you use, but try to make your page a leader of its niche.