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Best Keyword Density Checker Tool in Canada

Keywords play a vital role in giving rise to your website content so that it gets the highest rank by Google. The website which is able to top the Google ranking gains the most traffic, hence, the profit. But crowding your content with keywords is not a favorable way, you must figure out an ideal method to make sure that proper keywords are used at appropriate places and in a decent quantity. For this purpose, there are several keyword density checker tools that exhibit the keywords for a specific website. Along with providing a complete ranking report, the website also indicates that by using a particular keyword what density your content will obtain and on Google SERP which rank your website will be on. If you are searching for a reliable keyword density checker tool, then you are in the right place. Listed below are the three Best Keyword Density Checker Tool in Canada.

  1. Small Seo Tools:

This free of cost keyword density checker can scan that at what density your content lies in Google ranking. Just simply enter the domain name, keywords and search engine and tap on the blue ‘Check Density’ button to get your content examined. Moreover, this amazing tool consists of numerous fascinating features. It can check plagiarism, grammar, SEO, backlink, and domain authority in the content of your website. The software can also design a logo, rewrite an article, convert word file to pdf, and so much more.

  1. GeoRanker:

Check on what density your website ranks in your city by using this ultimate tool. Yes, this tool allows the users to know the accurate density of their website for the targeted city or country. Not only this but it provides you with data like your website ranking on various search engines, providing you with the possibility to use keywords to improve your marketing technique. The tool is free to use within a specific daily limit, for unlimited usage you are required to purchase a subscription, but before acquiring subscription you can try the free trial offered. Get your keyword ranking report of your website by simply inputting your Website URL, Keyword to track, Coverage (local by city or global by country), Country, and Top 20 cities.

  1. Search Engine Reports-Keyword Rank Checker:

Get an immediate yet impeccable keyword ranking report of your website, within 5 seconds, by using this website. The report consists of accurate ranking on Google, keyword trend, quantity, difficulty and much more. Furthermore, it permits users to check their keyword density for different locations. You can check your website ranking either by entering your website URL or by writing keyword/s. If you choose the option of keyword/s, enter your domain, choose the search engine (from the list) and device. Write down the keywords (up to 10) and click on the blue "Check Search Ranking" button to get your website ranking report. The website also has the feature to download and share the report promptly.


Best Keyword Position Checker Tool in Canada

The world has revolutionized and has not just embraced technology but the internet is fast becoming the new life while the world itself is becoming virtual. This implies that whosoever you are or whatsoever you do, there has to be a working consciousness to the importance of the online space.

This also means that the way things were done before has also drastically changed. Case in point, marketing. Years back you had to hire a salesperson to push your product but today with the right knowledge of digital marketing you can command hefty sales and huge profit right from the comfort of your home. To be able to effectively do this, knowledge of SEO is important and how to leverage keywords.

These keywords position checkers also are known as rank trackers help the user understand where he currently is, his competitions and probable improvements that need to be carried out. To select the best keyword checker you need to be on the lookout for the metrics, ranking frequency, usability, and cost-efficiency. The aim of this post is to highlight some of the best keyword checkers tools and see how they impact your business. Grab a drink!

Google Search Console

This Google product reliably shows where your product ranks and a list of your pages that received the most clicks, the corresponding data, and the resultant queries. Google console approximates its statistics and its advised to use it with another keyword position checker that already integrates it into its software rather than use it alone. It is a good fix for those who don't intend to pay, as it is totally free. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to understand.

SEO Power Suite Rank Tracker

This is a highly sophisticated tracking software and a huge upgrade to the Google Console. It helps you check ratings across over 250 search engines and channels. Plus, it helps you extract the top keywords a site ranks. It also effectively tracks ranking from specific locations down to the street address. It has a high amount of frequency which means that you can check for rankings multiple times without limitations. It comes with Google Console and Analytics. With rank tracker, you can monitor changes to your ratings, traffic sources, as well as your competitor's rankings. It also offers customizable ranking reports for a better user experience.

SEM Rush

This software offers a wide range of functions that includes a great keyword database and a keyword checker position. It has a high level of accuracy with its ranking as it separates ranking into locations, search engines, and visitor's devices. It allows you to compare where you stand against up to 20 other competitors. As well as tailor keywords to SERM features. It also integrates Google Analytics and Console and offers a 30-day free trial period.


The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to track Google rankings across over 150 countries accompanied by search visibility, traffic, and distribution metrics. Just like the SEM rush, it alerts you to peer keywords to SERP features for better results. Even better it alerts you when your keywords have lost a SERP feature. It, however, reduces the number of keywords you can track as well as the number of competitors. To fully enjoy its capabilities then you must subscribe to its full package.