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Link Price Calculator Tool: Know before investing money!


Nowadays, a fantastic tool designed to advertise and help the owners of the website is The Link Price Calculator Tool. It is a way to identify the different prices that a link can present to your Website. The steps you need to follow are simple, but you must understand what the benefits of using it are. The only thing you must take as a primary requirement is your Website URL and paste it in the box presented depending on the site. Then, you will get the exact price for a link in the month.

What is a link price calculator tool?

It is a tool that will help everyone to detect a determine price in a month. The way they work is by reviewing the domain, content, popularity, and then, the ranking and reputation for displaying the right price for the web page.

Does it sound amazing? Yes! The most crucial part is that thanks to its efficiency, smoothly, you will analyze the different prices for different websites up to 100 domains at a time.

The importance of using the Link Price Calculator Tool

Nowadays, different tools have been developed to calculate the appropriate price of each link or ad for text links. It was created since, in the past, it was not very easy to know the estimated cost.

As you may already know, backlinks have become so crucial for the scope of search engine optimization. They have become one of the main aspect of good search engine optimization . That is why it is essential to use a calculator to know the estimated prices that a popular website can charge for having a link to your site.

What to do after knowing the price?

One point to consider is that prices are not constant, as these may vary depending on the website traffic. After viewing the estimated prices, you can negotiate with the members of the website to buy or sell the links.

Benefits to acquire backlinks

  1. Improve the Organic Ranking

Backlinks help you get better rankings in search engines. If any of your content gets organic links from other sites, that content will naturally have a higher rank with SEO. Your goal should be to create links to individual publications/pages along with those that lead to your home page.

Therefore, if you investigated a website where your strategy can provide you excellent results, you can use a link price calculator tool to know how much money they can charge you at that moment and start to negotiate with them.

  1. Reference traffic

One of the benefits of backlinks can be receiving high quality referral traffic. Generally, referral traffic is targeted and has a low bounce rate and ity gives better conversion .

Therefore, to investigate different prices you might pay for will help you to create separate budgets, negotiate with the website owners, and then make a decision. It is helpful if you have an estimated cost for you to invest in your advertisement strategy.


The world is changing, and it is all about negotiation. Therefore, by using a Link Price Calculator Tool, you will have the possibility to see an overall picture of how much you need to promote your Website, and how to start a negotiation with your potential supplier or client.

It is highly necessary to understand the potential benefits your business will have if you invest in backlinks. Therefore, by knowing the price, you can estimate how much you will expend, but you can also estimate how much you will earn.


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