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About Page Speed Checker

To make your website optimized here is an awesome tool that we bring forth you that will thoroughly check your website and give detailed insights about its performance and highlight the bottlenecks to be fixed to make the website more optimized.

This PageSpeed Insights Checker tool lets you check your webpage for its speed,optimization and its performance. Moreover, this tool provides you with deep insights in graphical visualization to get a better idea about the technical aspects of the webpages.


Our PageSpeed Insights Checker is best seo tool for website optimization that you can find in Canada. While at one hand it helps the website achieve the desirable speed and on the other hand it analyses the site's performance both technically and visually. You can discover the details about why your site's performance and speed is slowing down and fix the bugs by updating the web pages so that all the optimization strategies are met. 

Here is what makes our pagespeed insight checker stand out in the market

  • All the Key performance indicators that are responsible for your site’s speed such as page redirects, images, design code  are analysed and summarized pictorially so that it becomes easier for you to figure out what changes are required to optimize the webpage.

  • The Google PageSpeed Insights checker focuses on the technical aspects of the website such as the content, layouts, design so that maximum optimizat is possible at the webpage level eventually maximizing chances of getting a high rank in the search results.

  • Are you afraid of the webpage performance across different regions in the world? Do you want your site to get a global success by getting global audience? Our insights checker tool analyses your page on various servers located across the world to get a better idea about the site’s performance on different kinds of server.

  • We believe that nothing is better than visualization and graphs for a finer understanding level of insights. Keeping that in mind our tool creates graphical data by using the KPI’s of your webpages while highlighting the important performance measures to be optimized. 

What are Webpages?

Many people have heard of webpages and websites buy very few of them have insight about what webpages are and how are they made. Most of us just see the outer part of a webpage that has color, text and videos but in fact these webpages are created by web developers using different languages like html, JavaScript, CSS code and text content . webpages that way they look from outside are not the same at backend, they are more complex than they look on our browser’s screen

What is Pagespeed Insights Checker tool? is a website that provides different tools to its customers free of cost to use and check seo of their website. One of the free tools available at is pagespeed insights checker. you can check the ratio to code of any website using this tool , most of the search engines look for the ratio of code and text in a webpage ,if you webpage does not have good code to text ratio then search engines may not rank that page. Pagespeed insights checker tool provides a speed score of a website and notifies webmaster or seo professionals about how fast or slow that web page is .

This webpage speed checker tool is very easy to use , all you need to do is , type the url in given box and click submit and let the pagespeed checker tool do its job , it will show you a nice chart of page speed score , score showing in green area means the website has good loading speed. It also shows a pie chart that displays different codes used to make this page.